My personal approach in 5 steps

Step 01

Step 1. I get to know you.

You share your expectations and ideas with me without obligation. I view the plans and form an idea of ​​your project. You get an idea of ​​how I would like to work with you. After our introduction you will receive a quote tailored to your project.

Step 02

Step 2. I investigate...

Do you agree with my offer? Then I will continue my research: what is possible, what is not possible? If needed I will consult with the other designers, developers... Then I define the lines of the project and I prepare an estimate budget.

Step 03

Step 3. It becomes reality!

I prepare all plans in detail. The necessary is digitized and you are guided in making the necessary choices based on the estimates that have already been made. When everything is known, we discuss the budgeting together and adjust where necessary to a desired end result.

Step 04

Step 4. We will start.

The works will start. You can follow them on the basis of the planning that you have already received from me. I follow up the process from A to Z. For all your questions or concerns during the development process you can contact me directly. You are involved as much as you wish.

Step 05

Step 5. Pop the champagne!

I deliver the project. I will also remain the point of contact for all your questions or for any additional work that you would like to carry out after delivery. A website evolves with its users and I'm happy to be part of it.